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We shall be adding some FAQ's here to help answer any initial queries you may want answered. Have you got a question you think other customers may ask too? Let us know and we will add it to this section.


Cut and Sew is the traditional process of creating any form of garment or clothing. Quite simply it refers to different shaped and sized panels of fabric being sewn together to create a new garment or product. Used for hundreds of years, designers have always looked to develop new patterns to create new shapes and styles of clothing. Whilst new developements have always been made, there are restrictions in how far you can go in sportswear simply by using this techinique. You are also restricted by colour availability in certain fabrics to suit your garments requirements.Cut and Sew garments are lower cost than Sublimation, however logos are added using additionally priced decoration such as printing and embroidery.


Sublimation is the phrase used to explain the process of producing the lastest bespoke/custom designs. It is a process that involves printing out designs on a large format printed. These print outs are applied onto blank fabric and then heat treated so the design transfers onto the fabric. The pieces of fabric are then sewn together to create the finished garment.Sublimation allows much more advanced designs. There are no restrictions as you can use any, and as many colours as you like. Also this process allows club badges, sponsor logos, numbers, and shadowing and other effects to be incorporporated into the design, all at no extra cost! Sublimation really is the future of sports kit design.


Embroidery is used to add logos to garments, such as a Sports club badge. A badges artwork is converted into a stitch pattern which programmes large machines to make thousands of stitches using different thread colours to create a finished design directly onto a garment. Finished work can look very impressive, however very complicated artwork will result in a loss of precise detail. Embroidery is great to add branding to stock items of clothing, bags, and accessories.


For adding customisation to clothing, printing is a great and affordable option. For single colour artwork in small quantities, Vinyl can be cut by a 'plotting machine' and then heat applied onto a garment. For bigger quantities, Screen Printing can be used, once a template is setup ink can be directly applied to a garment, and this can be very affordable if ordering 100+ items of the same deasign.
Using these combinations multi-colour designs can also be applied. For the best solution, please send your artwork to us, with your quantitiy requirements so we can offer the best option and price.


The turnaround time for an order is dependent on several factors.*Size of order *Design work required *Sourcing/Manufacturing of garments. *Time of the year when ordering.At Moving Forward Sports we prefer to be realistic with timescales, there is no point us promising you a three day turnaround, only to disappoint you. We will always look to hit your deadlines, even if it is a last minute event.At different times of the year bespoke work will take longer, due to every sports team also ordering in the summer for the new season. We endevour to give an accurate turnaround time at the point of your enquire. It must be remembered, that if for instance a two week turnaround is quoted, this time can only start once all artwork has been supplied and approved, and payment has been received. For more information, please contact us to discuss these requirements.


Everyone is looking to get the best deal for themselves, and rightly so. At Moving Forward Sports we look to give honest pricing to all our customers. Sometimes you may find products online for a cheaper price, but we hope you see the bigger package of our guidance through the process, and being able to see and feel the products. We like to reward loyal customers, and often support a club with any promotional or charity events they may have. This goes hand in hand with us developing a relationship with our customers. If you haven't purchased with us before, it makes it hard to justify a discount on your first order, unless it is a large quantity or clearance range. We do however always try and pass on savings through our special offers - just ask what deals we are currently running. If you want to get a better deal, ask about our "Partnership Scheme", this is available with discounts and promotions for customers who sign up.


Similar to our discount scheme, nearly everyone that first has an enquiry with us asks if Moving Forward Sports will sponsor them. Whilst we would love to help every club or organisation, and understand how difficult it is to fundraise for clubs, we cannot sponsor everyone. Please submit any sponsorship enquiry you may have, and all will be considered and replied to. The best form of getting rewards for your club or organisation is to look into the Moving Forward Sports "Partnership Scheme".